Sustainability Profile: Trellix

Trellix offers corporate customers a living security platform that learns and adapts to protect operations from the most advanced threats through sophisticated AI, machine learning and data analytics. Its customers consist of a loyal installed base (~98% net retention) of blue-chip organizations across the world’s largest and most security sensitive enterprises and governments, including 17 G20 governments, 19 of the 20 top financial institutions, 9 of the top 10 aerospace and defense providers and 86% of the Fortune 100.

Data and enterprise security is at the heart of what Trellix does. The need for a robust cybersecurity program increased significantly as 70% of IT security stakeholders report more than double the volume of security alerts over the last 5 years. A study done by the Center for Strategic and International Studies showed that 86% of respondents believe they have been targeted by a cyberattack conducted by a nation state. Trellix’s products provide a greater level of security that allows for detection of advanced attacks, predicts and prevents emerging threats through real time responses, and automates critical security processes.

Trellix believes that building a more inclusive and sustainable world starts by enhancing its own diversity. The company has made a commitment to building a workplace that embraces individuality, encourages different perspectives and welcomes a range of experiences to boost innovation, creativity and strategic problem solving. The company has made it a goal to improve the percentage of female and underrepresented hires, with 35% of global hires in 2020 being women and 19% of global hires being underrepresented professionals. To help drive greater diversity in hiring, Trellix assembles diverse hiring panels for every role and has trained all recruiters and hiring managers on the company’s values-based behavioral interview approach. The company also conducts an annual compensation review to ensure pay parity for both gender and underrepresented professionals across the company, setting an example for the industry to follow.

The commitment to sustainability also includes a focus on protecting the planet for the next generation. Trellix’s European operations have established Green Teams that work to raise environmental awareness, inspire action and provide best practices to additional offices around the globe. The company has taken steps towards removing plastic caps and plastic straws from cafe areas and breakrooms. Trellix also hosts electronic waste days at many locations to offer employees a responsible method for disposing of old keyboards, cables and batteries from their workspace or home. These waste reduction efforts have led to a 125.6 metric ton reduction of waste sent to landfills. Trellix has also established a greater focus on energy efficiency. The company has instituted LEED initiatives at four sites and ensured new offices in San Jose and Bangalore meet LEED certifications. Since 2018, Trellix has reduced its energy usage by 18%, and 21% of Trellix’s energy consumption now comes from renewable energy sources.

Trellix believes that building a more sustainable world starts within its walls and requires continuous commitment. The company will continue its legacy of innovation, ensure equal career opportunities, develop cybersecurity interest in future generations and mobilize its employees in their communities, all while doing its part to protect the planet.



By Marcus Moore

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