Investment Strategies

Zeo manages the Short Duration Income Strategy and the Sustainable Credit Strategy. Both are:

  • actively managed
  • credit portfolios
  • aiming to deliver attractive risk/adjusted returns
  • serving investors’ fixed income needs
  • following a proven approach
  • executing similar investment processes

Proven Approach

Risk Managed: We aim to deliver low volatility, risk-adjusted returns in long-only fixed income portfolios—either through short duration credit or broad market high yield with an ESG overlay. By seeking to deliver performance independent of market direction, we believe we help investors diversify their fixed income so no single risk overwhelms a portfolio.

Fundamental: Through deep fundamental research we carefully select companies with defensive characteristics. We invest in securities from these companies which fit the appropriate strategy—because they have short timeframes or are making deliberate decisions relative to their peers with regards to sustainable metrics—and are available at attractive valuations with a margin of safety. By seeking to minimize the downside surprises, investors can win to the upside.

Long Term: Our approach emphasizes investing through market cycles. We are infrequent traders, and we adhere to our risk-managed, fundamental process to maintain a consistent portfolio across changing market environments. We aim to offer a long-term strategic way for investors to diversify their existing investment risks while maintaining purchasing power and producing income.

Capacity-Constrained: In both the Short Duration Income and Sustainable Credit strategies, we target niche market segments overlooked and underrepresented in most portfolios. The resulting capacity constraint is a feature we embrace, which we believe is an advantage for our clients.

Similar Processes

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