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  • Operations and Systems Analyst
    About Zeo Capital Advisors

    Zeo Capital Advisors is a traditional financial firm with untraditional start-up momentum, ambition and culture. Zeo is a “low floor, high ceiling” workplace for someone who is resourceful, wants to contribute and is eager to learn. Zeo manages $320 million in fixed income assets across separately managed accounts and a mutual fund, with new products and services on the horizon to further accelerate the firm’s growth and differentiate Zeo from our peers.

    The five-person Zeo team is looking to expand and is seeking hard working, self-motivated and energetic professionals who want to take an active role in the firm’s collective success. A great organization is not built by an individual traveling a straight line; Zeo sees its future in our collaborative team’s willingness to embrace creativity knowing the occasional failure is a learning opportunity.

    Zeo is a culture of:

    • Life-long learning;
    • Intellectual curiosity;
    • Collaboration and support;
    • Push communication;
    • Resourcefulness;
    • Integrity and authenticity;
    • Client-centricity;
    • Problem-solving and innovation;
    • Wit, humor and fun.

    Operations and Systems Analyst
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    Job Description

    Zeo is looking to hire an Operations and Systems Analyst to assist across all aspects of trading operations, business operations and technology infrastructure within the firm. This is an opportunity to learn and have an immediate impact on all facets of what makes an investment firm successful, including portfolio management, sales and business development. In particular, Zeo places a strong emphasis on technology and values proactive efforts to design automated solutions to manual problems.

    The role also provides a candidate who takes initiative with the flexibility to allocate time to “dive deep” into areas of highest impact with guidance and support from senior members of the team. As the firm looks to grow into new business opportunities, this role will be instrumental in helping to research, prototype and launch all manner of products and services, from new investment funds to software and services which add value to our growing base of clients.

    The Operations and Systems Analyst will report directly to the CEO of the firm. The role is perfect for a candidate who is a voracious learner and is interested in both investment management and the development and use of technology in finance to operate, innovate and grow a financial services business.

    Anticipated daily functions will include but are not limited to:

    • Trading and Portfolio Management Support
      • Processing trading activity and maintaining order blotter;
      • Monitoring and reconciling daily transactions, positions and cash balances;
      • Maintaining accurate position records, including anticipated cashflows;
      • Optimizing trade operations processes; and
      • Working with portfolio managers to derive insights from portfolio data.
    • Infrastructure & Innovation
      • Automating trading support tasks;
      • Assisting in the automation of other operational aspects of the business (e.g. sales/marketing, compliance, etc.); and
      • Assisting in the identification and/or design of innovative technology solutions to improve firm operational capabilities.
    • Sales & Business Development
      • Supporting sales/marketing in aggregating, organizing and deriving insights from client data;
      • Supporting research efforts to evaluate opportunities for business growth across all types of products and services; and
      • Assisting in the detailed mechanics of launching new products and services.

        Minimum Qualifications

        • Bachelor’s degree
        • 0-3 years of experience
        • Detail-oriented
        • Demonstrable coding experience (familiarity with Microsoft’s .NET platform is preferable but not necessary; experience building tactical automated solutions is also a plus)
        • Outstanding Excel skills, preferably including hands-on experience using Macros and VBA
        • Strong math ability (familiarity with statistical methods such as factor analysis is useful)
        • Strong written and verbal skills
        • Flexible, humble, willingness to learn and ability to switch gears quickly

        How To Apply
        Send an email cover letter and resume to with the subject line: “[Insert your own adjective/descriptor] Operations and Systems Applicant”  (e.g. “Resourceful Operations and Systems Applicant”).

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