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Defining Principles

We believe in managing risk in all aspects of our company. Risk management permeates our defining principles and informs every decision at Zeo:


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  • BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: The way we run our business matters as much as performance.
  • PORTFOLIO STRATEGY: We serve investors best by being consistent.
  • CLIENT ENGAGEMENT: Due diligence is a mutual process to find the right long-term fit.

We are committed, philosophically and structurally, to building a long-term business, aligning our mandate with specific and overlooked investment needs, and serving fiduciaries consistent with our existing investor base.

Our Story

Exeō, exīre (Latin)

  1. To go out, depart
  2. To go forth, emerge
  3. To avoid, evade

The name Zeo is based on the Latin verb exeō. We depart from conventional wisdom in our effort to meet client needs and mitigate risks in an overlooked and underserved investment area. Our deliberate approach to building a sustainable business in service to clients is also a departure from the hedge fund world our team left behind in favor of Zeo.

Our flagship Short Duration Income strategy is a continuation of an investment approach our founder, Venk Reddy, has been managing since 2003. The events of 2008 highlighted an opportunity to build a firm to serve those investors who value portfolios designed to be consistent both pre- and post-crisis. We saw a need that remains unaddressed by traditional fixed income and absolute return managers alike—a strategy focused on risk discipline, not return targets.

The initial investors who seeded Zeo have intersected with Venk throughout his career. The trust and confidence of all of our investors is something we take very seriously. By striving to ensure product fit with new investors, we aim to protect our existing investors in ways that go well beyond portfolio management. The result is a deliberate and measured build of the firm through fiduciaries and referrals.

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Please Note – Limitations: Zeo Capital Advisors, LLC does not provide any financial planning or related consulting services. Neither Zeo, nor any of its employees, serve as an attorney, accountant, or insurance agent. Zeo does not prepare estate planning documents or tax returns, nor does it sell insurance products. Zeo’s investment management services and operations are limited in scope. Zeo provides fee-only, low volatility fixed income strategies, to an open-end ’40 Act mutual fund, and to a much lesser extent, to a small number of legacy individual accounts, the vast majority of all such assets having been introduced to the Firm by unaffiliated investment professionals who remain the client’s primary investment professional.