Deliberate Investors

Consistent. Transparent. Intentional.

Our Mission

To be a principled investment partner.

Zeo exists to serve like-minded investors who value risk management and research discipline. At Zeo, we aim to deliver sustainable credit portfolios that serve both traditional and ESG mandates without compromising performance or progress.

Our clients come first. We are intentional, consistent and transparent in all aspects of our business. Zeo is more than a money manager—we are an investing partner. We hold the trust instilled in us with the highest regard.

“Our portfolios are built on our firm’s core values:
consistency, transparency and intentionality.”

-Venk Reddy, Founder and Chief Investment Officer

Company Milestones

Feb 2009

Zeo Founded

May 2009

Zeo launches risk-management SMA platform with $14MM

May 2011

Zeo launches Zeo Short Duration Income Fund (ZEOIX)

Nov 2013

Zeo reaches $100MM firm AUM

May 2014

Zeo reaches 5 year strategy track record, 3 year ZEOIX track record, $100MM ZEOIX fund AUM

May 2019

Zeo launches Zeo Sustainable Credit Fund (ZSRIX)

Zeo Team

We do more than talk about diversity and inclusion; we represent it.

  • 33% people of color

  • 50% women

  • 33% born outside of the U.S.

  • 84% minority and woman owned

This results in more inclusive perspectives and is a necessary component of our
genuine commitment to sustainable credit investing.

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